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Choose the Best Hydroponic Products



Choosing the right medium for the hydroponics system is one of the most important decisions you have to make. It is imperative that you choose a medium that is going to give you the highest yields, match your needs and is the best for you to maintain. There are few media that are popular that you can use for the hydroponic system including rock-wool, coconut fiber, perlite, expanded clay pebbles and air. Rock-wool is one of the most popular among them all. It is made of basalt rock that is melted and spun into fibers that are interconnected.


Rock-wool is known for its high water retention capabilities. If the pump fails, you can rest assured that the plants will not be harmed by dehydration. You will find that it also holds air well and this will ensure that the plants are not overly watered. You have to be careful when handling rock-wool though because the fibers can be hazardous if not well handled. The material has a high pH and you need to pay attention to the nutrient solution so that the pH balances out for the health of the plants in the hydroponic system from doctorponic.com.


Coconut fiber on the other hand is coconut husks powdered down to make the material for the hydroponic system. It has greatly increased in popularity because of its organic nature that people prefer for the safety of the environment. The plants have a better chance of surviving because of the large oxygen and water capacity in case the hydroponic system fails. However, you need to look out for the type of coconut fiber you choose to buy. Some cheaper options tend to have too much sea salt to help plants thrive and therefore, you should go for the one that is fairly priced to ensure that your crops survive. To learn more about hydroponics, visit http://starfrontiers.wikia.com/wiki/Hydroponics.


Perlite is volcanic glass and is one of the most affordable media and is always mixed with other media. You use it carefully to avoid ingestion as it is hazardous. Expanded clay pebbles are the most expensive among them all but it will save you money in the long-run because of its re-usability. You will need to mix them with other medium though to increase the water retention. Lastly, air is a very cost friendly because you will not have to buy any medium for the hydroponic system. Since the roots are already exposed, you can be assured they are getting the oxygen they need. Click here for facts.